Property management services

Do you own a property that you don’t visit often, and have no one to entrust with its upkeep? Let us take care of it. We offer our clients a property management service, including the upkeep of their property, which they can use with absolute confidence.

The property’s key is held in our safe. We regularly visit the properties, inspect their exteriors and interiors, and in the case of bad weather, we immediately check if there is any damage. We check the electrical installations, water pipelines, as well as all doors and windows. After we complete these checks, we send a report accompanied by photos of the property in its current state to the owner via e-mail. If unexpected situations occur or if we discover any problems, we contact you immediately.

The price of this service is 50.00 HRK per square metre of the property (land, building). Property management is ideal for owners of vacation homes, especially those living far away and unable to visit their properties on a regular basis.

Entrust us with the maintenance of your properties and avoid unpleasant surprises.